TNFD Report

Okinawa Cellular’s Approach

Since our founding in 1991, we at Okinawa Cellular have remained committed to our corporate philosophy of contributing to the development of Okinawa’s economy through our businesses, and we have achieved growth with the support of a wide range of local firms and partner companies while striving to build a robust and high-quality network as Okinawa’s total communications provider. We believe that nature lies at the foundation of corporate growth and economic development, and we believe that natural capital is vital for sustainable economic activities. Okinawa Prefecture is a biodiversity hotspot that is home to many rare species, and we take pride in Okinawa’s rich natural environment. Our task now is to preserve this environment for the future.
Okinawa Cellular agrees with the philosophy of the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) and joined the TNFD Forum that supports its activities. We have also joined the 30by30 Alliance, which is led by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment with the target of building systems to achieve the goal of conserving and protecting at least 30% of land and sea areas in the form of healthy ecosystems.

Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures

Using the TNFD v1.0 disclosure framework as a reference, we have analyzed the risks and opportunities related to natural capital through our business activities and have prepared our TNFD Report.
Going forward, we will continue our assessment of our impacts, dependencies, and risks associated with natural capital as we further develop our business activities in order to contribute to “nature positivity” and make efforts along with our stakeholders to promote sustainable social growth and improve our corporate value.

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TNFD Report 2024

Okinawa Cellular’s approach to natural capital

General requirements
・Approach to materiality
・Scope of disclosure
・Location of nature-related issues
・Integration with other sustainability-related disclosures
・Engagement with local communities and stakeholders

・Management structure for biodiversity and natural capital
・Engagement with stakeholders related to biodiversity and nature

・Narrowing down the business for assessment (scoping)
・Overview of the dependency and impacts on nature in telecommunications business
・Location-based assessment Results for base station locations
Results for sales office location
Results for submarine cable location
・ Assessment of relevant risks and opportunities Risk organization
Opportunity organization

Risk and impact management
・Process for identifying and assessing nature-related impacts/dependencies and risks/opportunities
・Processes for managing nature-related and other risks, and their integration into the company’s overall risk management

Indicators and Targets

For the future