Sustainability Report

Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company publish the Sustainability Report, which contains its sustainability management philosophy and initiatives.


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  • Introduction
    Brand Message
    Credo/Management Principles/Fundamental Principles/ Okinawa Cellular Philosophy/Okinawa Cellular Core Values/Our Vision
    Contents/Editorial Policy/Web Site Information
    The 30-year History of Okinawa Cellular
    About Okinawa Cellular Group
  • Top Message
    Contributing to Economic Development in Okinawa and a Prosperous Future through Our Business
  • Special Feature
    Connecting the Future of Remote Islands
    Submarine cable development project to protect Okinawa’s telecommunications infrastructure from earthquakes and other disasters and to enable high-capacity communications in the 5G era
  • Sustainability Management
    Sustainability Management
    SDGs Declaration by Okinawa Cellular
  • Materiality
    Key Issues (Materiality)
    Materiality 1
    Promotion of Innovation Centered on Telecommunications
    Values We Embrace (1):Molding Future Society
    Materiality 2
    Realization of a Safe, Secure, and Prosperous Society
    Values We Embrace (2):Contributing to the Development of the Prefecture’s Economy by Building a Robust Infrastructure
    Materiality 3
    Strengthening the Management Base through Progressing Governance

    Values We Embrace (3):Strengthening the Management
                 Base of the Entire Okinawa Cellular Group
    Materiality 4
    Realization of Carbon Neutrality and Conservation of Okinawa’s Environment

    Values We Embrace (4):Realizing Carbon Neutrality
    Materiality 5
    Development of a Diverse Workforce and Rewarding Work Environment
    Values We Embrace (5):DX Personnel Training, Engagement Improvement, Initiatives for Health-Focused Management
    Materiality 6
    Advancing Stakeholder Engagement
  • Data
    Human Rights Policy
    ESG Data
     Environmental Data
     Social Data
     Governance Data
    Third Party Assurance

This report is prepared as a communication tool for our investors and other diverse stakeholders to share information on and promote understanding of Okinawa Cellular’s sustainability initiatives. For information on sustainability initiatives not included in this report,
please refer to our corporate website.